Prayer Blessing in Mar del Plata

In December 2012, there was a prayer blessing for a gay couple in Argentina.

On December 8, 2012, there was a prayer blessing in Argentina, at Mar del Plata No. 3. congregation for Christian Illuzzi and Fernando Galli who had been married the day before in a civil ceremony.

About 200 guests, ministers, and members gathered as the congregation on the night of December 8 to be with Christian and Fernando at that very special time of their  lives, receiving a prayer blessing.

The celebration was officiated by their Rector Julio Cabrera assisted by Priest Guillermo Fernandez. The blessing was done in front of the altar.  Initially, the Rector spoke to the community about the Church's position which respects the law that recognizes same-sex marriage.  Then he mentioned that God's blessing on His children abounds.  When asked for, God would bless abundantly.  Emphasis was on simplicity of the act, relating it to the simplicity of Jesus.  "This is a simple act," said the Rector. "But the blessing will not be just upon the spouses who are here, but all will be blessed."

Then the congregation stood up and Rector invited all to join in the prayer for blessing for the union of the couple.

As guests congratulated Christian and Fernando, the congregation sang the hymn "It is your promise, O Lord."

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