Meeting with two District Apostles in Silvertown/Cape

The Rainbow-NAC Cape District Committee was invited to a concert to meet with District Apostles Barnes and Kolb.

A truly blessed Rainbow-NAC Cape District experience took place on Saturday August 11, 2012. The Rainbow-NAC Cape District Committee and members that regularly attend meetings were invited by our District Apostle Barnes to a choral program at Silvertown on this Saturday. District Apostle Kolb from the USA and his wife were the guests of our District Apostle.

During the intermission of the choral program, District Apostle Barnes and Kolb addressed the audience. Both District Apostles assured all Rainbow-NAC guests that we are loved. District Apostle Kolb went on to say that during the past week, he thought a lot about members that carry much pain, and that he knew many of our LGBT members in North America that have also experienced much pain. He assured everyone that he remembers them in his prayers.

After the choral program, the Committee of Rainbow-NAC Cape District met with District Apostle Barnes, District Apostle Kolb, and Bishop Classen. It was a truly a touching and blessed experience. District Apostle Barnes assured us of the love of our Chief Apostle, District Apostle Kolb, the Apostles of the Cape District Church, and himself. Many positive discussions took place between the District Apostles and the Committee.

The Cape Committee asked District Apostle Kolb to extend their greetings to the Rainbow-NAC USA Committee when he meets with them in the near future.

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