Seminars “Inclusion – a Christian Virtue” in Venezuela

Two inclusion seminars were held in Venezuela over the weekend of November 14-16, 2014. Rolf Hammer, Spokesperson for Rainbow-NAC Latin America, traveled to Venezuela by invitation of the District Apostle Leonard Kolb to give seminars on inclusion in New Apostolic congregations.

About 140 ministers and youth leaders from several districts met at the congregation of "18 de Mayo" in Maracay on Friday, November 14. The District Apostle began the meeting with an analysis of the Mission Statement of the New Apostolic Church, noting inclusion is the first concept of compliance.


In the seminar "Inclusion - A Christian Virtue", the members present could realize the different aspects to create inclusive congregations. Some of the topics of the presentation were the respect and concern for others, the detection and prevention of marginalizing and discriminating, meeting the needs of each member, the diversity of the community of Christ, and the willingness to serve and love, even when differences exist.



On Saturday, November 15, District Apostle Kolb, accompanied by Apostles Felix Diaz, Rafael Lara of Venezuela and others, traveled to the congregation of Maturin, where they were welcomed by a children's choir. 75 ministers and brothers and sisters of the NAC youth participated in this event.


Also included in the presentations was Q & A time when many concerns and questions about homosexuality and gender identity could be answered.


The highlight of the weekend was the festive Divine Service on Sunday, November 16, held by the District Apostle Kolb for the combined congregations of Maturin and Temblador.



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Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.