Prayer for blessing for two brides in Buffalo

In September 2014, Chantelle Wilson and Emilee Norris received a prayer for blessing in Buffalo.

On a beautiful September Friday evening, Chantelle Wilson and Emilee Norris gathered with many loving friends and family to celebrate their marriage and receive a prayer for God’s blessing. It was a beautiful day that both families and brides had looked forward to and made many preparations for. Evangelist Mike Wurst read a bible verse from Jude 1:2 “Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.” His words to the girls were filled with joy and much hope for their future.

During the celebration, the brides had the pleasure of addressing a few comments to their guests which included the following, “For most of you, Em and I included, this is your first non-traditional wedding. It goes to show how far we've come not only as people, but as a culture - to be able to recognize that love comes in all shapes and forms; with not one type of love being better or worse then another at the end of the day - We believe that love has no boundaries, and most importantly, no judgments. Everyone takes different paths and journeys to find the one they are supposed to be with. The acceptance we have felt from all of you, in recognizing that - has both made us feel so incredibly loved and secure.”

Chantelle and Emilee were very thankful for being able to share this lovely celebration with their families as they enter into their new life together with God’s blessing.


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