Rainbow-NAC Cape District Members Meet Our Chief Apostle

District Apostle Barnes invited members of Rainbow-NAC Cape District to attend the visit of Chief Apostle Schneider at the Klapmuts Congregation in Paarl, Cape Town.

The Rainbow Group with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider

The Rainbow-NAC Cape District Committee had donated 70 recorders to the Klapmuts District as part of our outreach program within the Cape District in 2012. Children of the Klapmuts Congregation performed musical selections for the Chief Apostle's visit. Before our Chief Apostle left the congregation, District Apostle Barnes had organized a photo opportunity for Rainbow-NAC members.

Some of our members even had the opportunity to shake hands with our Chief Apostle. Before Chief Apostle Schneider climbed onto the bus, District Apostle Barnes introduced our Chief Apostle to the Rainbow-NAC Cape District Spokesperson, James Gray. This experience will live forever in the hearts and souls of the Rainbow-NAC Cape District members.

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Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.