Rainbow-NAC Argentina participates in the 150th Anniversary Celebration

The organizing team of the Rainbow-NAC booth and presentations was very satisfied with the results of their participation in the final celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the New Apostolic Church in San Fernando, Argentina.

Apostle Picchi with the Rainbow group

On Sunday, October 13, 2013, the New Apostolic Church of Argentina celebrated the closing of the 150th Anniversary Activities. San Fernando, in the province of Buenos Aires, was one of the main meeting locations, and Rainbow-NAC was invited by the Church to participate with presentations and an information booth.

“We distributed leaflets and discussed their contents with attendees. We were very joyful that Apostle Norberto Picchi was at the first presentation.  He was very satisfied with the work done by Rainbow-NAC,“ reported Monica from the organizing team of the Argentinean Rainbow Group.

“After a brief introduction, we showed a PowerPoint presentation and invited everyone to participate in the following discussion. 198 people attended this presentation. All the comments were more than favorable. The ministers present were very interested and requested further information."

"We look forward to more invitations to church events to meet the objectives of Rainbow-NAC:  informing, listening, understanding, supporting those in need, drawing back those who left church because of their sexual orientation, and showing everyone that by following the teachings of Christ, the Church embraces all without distinction," concluded Monica.

“The important thing is that we have the same faith, and journey toward the same goal: eternal communion with God."

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