Weekend Under the Rainbow in Buenos Aires

Saturday, 07/13: The South American Rainbow-NAC was invited by Bishop Fernando Altare to a “Rainbow fellowship".

Rainbow fellowship in the Caseros Congregation

The meeting was held at the Caseros Congregation as previously announced, located in the town of the same name in the Province of Buenos Aires. Rainbow members came together with their guests.

Working towards inclusion without discrimination

After the prayer, Bishop Altare read some Biblical texts, then mentioned the progress in the Regional Church under District Apostle Norberto Passuni which has been made regarding the rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members (LGBT).

A brother referred to his personal situation, and the Bishop took note for appropriate intervention so that this brother can be welcomed and included in his congregation without discrimination. The Bishop also said that numerous situations have been looked into since the interview was published in the Youth Magazine and how all those cases were responded to. This reaffirms the communication path through the Bishop Fernando Altare as interlocutor.

It was also mentioned what the official position of the International Church is, which so far has not changed, so the Regional Church cannot respond to concerns that are beyond their capabilities. But no road is closed, and it was made clear that the church continues to work toward the inclusion of all members.

Prayer of Blessing for lesbian and gay couples

It was reported that all Apostles and Bishops of the Regional Church have been informed regarding the Prayer of Blessing for couples who have chosen same sex marriage, as well as the tasks they can perform in their congregations and the commitment that they have to instruct all other Ministers.  But if there might be any difficulties anywhere, Bishop Altare,  our interlocutor, is available for consultation.

Rainbow Participation in the final Anniversary Celebration

The Bishop announced that they are working to include Rainbow-NAC in an activity to mark the Final Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of our Church, the details of which will be communicated as soon as planning is in progress.

During the discussion, all could contribute their ideas.  Then the Bishop asked the District Elder Claudio González, who accompanied him, to pray, but not before re-clarifying that the Regional Church wants to continue supporting all their members without discrimination. So the work will continue on the inclusion of everyone by all.  That is the commitment.
Divine Service in Monte Chingolo No.1

On Sunday, all the brothers were cordially invited to the Divine Service in Monte Chingolo Nº1  Congregation in the south of the province of Buenos Aires. District Elder González conducted the Service. We could experience a wonderful hour, after which we were all invited to refreshments and sharing friendly chats. The time passed and we said goodbye with great joy over our blessed weekend.

We want to express our thanks to Bishop Altare, District Elder Gonzalez, District Evangelist Di Marco, Shepherds Alabisi and Carabajal and all the brothers and sisters in Caseros and Monte Chingolo Congregations for such a warm welcome.

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