On the passing of Chief Apostle Richard Fehr

Rainbow-NAC mourns the death of retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. During his tenure, he paved the way for improvement of the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) brothers and sisters.

Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, (c) NAKI

On Sunday, June 30th, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr passed away after a long illness. As a faithful shepherd called into eternity, Chief Apostle Fehr has heavily influenced our church, that it can be viewed today as more welcoming.
His actions were of great significance for the LGBT members of the Church. In 2001, he made it possible for official dialogue to begin between Rainbow-NAC and the New Apostolic Church. Preceded by months of correspondence, contact with the church was shuffled from one project group to another.  Richard Fehr put an end to it by creating the project group called "Contemporary Issues".

The resulting and continuing dialogue to the present, which now takes place at different levels, countries, and continents between the Church and Rainbow-NAC, has led to noteworthy improvements in the pastoral care of brothers and sisters with different sexual orientations and identities.  Although there was no direct contact between him and the group, his interest and benevolence towards our issues and concerns have always been felt.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sister Fehr and the family.

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