A guest of the Protestant Church Conference

May 7, 2013 |Rainbow-NAC in a round of talks at the Booth of the New Apostolic Church.

Photo of the panel discussion: Uwe Kammerhoff

On May 3, 2013, upon the invitation of the New Apostolic Church by the German Protestant Church Congress in Hamburg, Rainbow-NAC was present.  In a round-table of talks regarding the position of the New Apostolic Church, Ute-Michaela Kreuchauf, Peter Knöpfli and Thomas Koch presented the work and objectives of their initiative.  Peter Johanning, media spokesperson of the New Apostolic Church, moderated the discussion. Around 25 attendees of the conference as well as some passers-by stopped in front of the booth prior to the event. 

At the center of the talks were the formation, the goals, and activities of Rainbow-NAC.  In addition, the participants addressed the status of gay, bisexual and transgender members in the New Apostolic Church. The three representatives of Rainbow-NAC related their journeys of 'coming out' in a very personal way as well as  their fears.  Acceptance within the church for the participants had significantly improved over the passing years.  They wished that together with the church, further steps could be reached toward equality, for example, the change of the official statement of the Church toward homosexuality, the access to administrative duties and teaching, and appropriately tailored individual pastoral care.

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Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.