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2007: Statement on transsexuality

"Normally, a person is born with a certain sex, i.e. a gender in the biological sense. Thus specific sexual future is laid down.

Transsexuals, however, feel they permanently belong to the other sex. Part of this is their rejection of role expectations associated with their own sex, along with a burning desire for social and legal recognition of their right to swap genders. Thus there is an individually variable rejection of the physical traits of inborn sexuality, usually accompanied by a compulsion to seek hormonal and surgical treatment to achieve, as far as possible, the physical attributes of the other sex. Transsexuals mostly suffer under enormous psychological pressures.

Prior to undergoing the desired sex adaptation, experts will have to determine that there is, indeed, a definite case of transsexuality. Thus, years may pass before such sex adaptation will be actually effected. Afterwards, some countries permit a change in legal personal status.

The Bible is silent on transsexuality. Whether, and in what degree, a person absolutely committed to transsexuality acquires guilt before God through sex adaptation, is solely up to God to determine. Sex adaptation falls in the domain of self-responsibility.

Transsexual brothers and sisters as well as their families may be assured that they will receive soul-care without any reservation.

Transsexuals may not discharge any ministerial or teaching functions." (Source:

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