In many Christian denominations there is great controversy over Biblical interpretations regarding homosexuality Depending on the religious persuasion, doctrines range from acceptance to total ostracization.  Regrettably, people still justify their hatred against gays, lesbians and transsexuals on Bible-based misrepresentations taught by their religious leaders.

Jesus never expressed an opinion on homosexual love

Jesus never expressed an opinion on homosexual love, one way or another He rather replaced the legality of the Old Covenant by the New Covenant The commandment to love God and your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:29-30) formulated by Jesus Himself is valid and supplements the 10 Commandments of Moses If this commandment is to be observed, it subsequently includes all fellow men, even homosexuals, bisexuals and the  transgendered Christ excluded no one In His sermon on the mount, He even taught love your enemies.

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The recently issued "What The Bible says about Homosexualtity" (PDF) intends to offer a new perspective to the written word of God as opposed to the traditional exclusive stance Consequently, everyone may decide for themselves whether or not the Biblical texts pronounce judgment on homosexual love and homosexuality.

Matthew VinesĀ“ speech: The Bible and homosexuality

This video dismantles every Bible-based argument against homosexuality.

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"The Bible and Homosexuality" Matthew VinesĀ“ speech

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