Clarifications on variations of sexual diversity


“Sexual identity is often used as a synonym for sexual orientation. This is also the case in legal terminology, but it is disputed that these two terms are synonymous in their meanings. The term identity alludes to perception of oneself, while the term orientation alludes toward whom one is attracted.“ Source: Wikipedia

A person’s orientation, particularly the sexual orientation, defines the gender sought as a partner or mate. Commonly we distinguish between heterosexuality, bisexuality, lesbian and gay. In the following we want to explain some variations of sexual orientation from our point of view, respectively gender identity and exemplify some concepts and questions referring to “transsexuality”.


Transgender (TG)

This denotes an umbrella term describing those who cross so called predetermined gender boundaries and identities. These people don’t want to or cannot recognize themselves in one identity role, and therefore define themselves as transgender.

We refrain from usage of this vague, blanket term for numerous reasons.


Women Impersonators

This is a humorous imitation of women done, for the most part, as a spoof or parody. Occasionally heterosexuals professionally impersonate women and live a fulfilled heterosexual life. This vocation is listed only because some men who impersonate women are, in fact, gay, transvestites, or transgenders.


Drag Queen

(a man dressed as a woman)

Occasionally, gay men will dress as an outrageously flamboyant, overdressed woman, sometimes for special events, a party, or just for the fun of it as a parody. The role played is of a diva or prima donna, just for the sake of being outrageous. One flirts, makes grand gestures, over-acts, over-reacts, fabricates an outrageously funny name (Winnie Bago, Mary K. Mart, etc.), is overly dramatic, breaks gender rules, and on occasions, good taste.


Drag King

(a woman dressed as a man)

Women who decide to change their appearance to a – often very excessive macho – male one and also take a matched male name. Often woman-to-man-transsexuals try, during their transitioning to male, life as an overly-masculine male drag king.


Crossdresser (CD)

Is a general term for mostly men and a few women who wear the clothes of the opposite sex for various reasons – occasionally or on a continuing basis. Cross-dressing denotes an action or behavior without attributing or proposing causes for that behavior. Some people automatically associate cross-dressing behavior to transgender identity or sexual fetishist or homosexual behavior, but the term “cross-dressing” itself does not imply any motives. Most crossdressers are heterosexual. That term is sometimes used as a synonym for transvestite.


Clothes Fetishists

Sometimes a person will feel compelled to wear clothing of the opposite sex for sexual stimulation or excitement. Although erotic, there is no intention of permanent being the opposite sex.


Transvestites (TV)

People from any orientation - heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or gay who feel erotically compelled to wear clothing of the opposite sex an act accordingly. No permanent changes are desired. Some transvestites remain in private when dressed as the opposite sex, suppressing a part of their personality.


Transsexuality (TS)

trans = to change, sexus (greek) = gender, sex

Transsexual human beings live with the permanent conviction that they belong to the opposite sex, as opposed to their gender at birth. Part of it is the denial of the sexual characteristics and the biological gender connected with gender expectations. True transsexuals wish to go through corrective surgical procedures and hormone therapy, followed by legal name changes and total adaptation to the opposite gender to match their identity.

Often transsexuals are erroneously mislabeling as transgender.

The transsexual may be one of either gender:

  • Trans woman / MtF / TS-Woman

    A biological man who feels born in a incorrect body. She identifies as female and is compelled to go through any corrective measures necessary to match her physical sex to her psychological identity.

  • Trans man / FtM/ TS-Man

    A biological female who feels born in a incorrect body. He identifies as male and is compelled to go through any corrective measures necessary to match his physical sex to his psychological identity.


    Transidentity (TI)

    Transidentity is similar to transsexuality.

    trans = to change, identity = Identity.

    This term better describes what is felt regarding ones sexual identity and is the motivation to change the anatomical mismatch to be what the person is. There are unbearable stress and anxiety originating from the disparity of physical attributes not matching the identity. Like Transsexuals, this is called a ‘gender identity disorder’. Scientific research is still not certain what causes it or how and when it develops. Sometimes body Dysphoria is used to describe the identity crisis of having fulfill expectations of the gender you are with no desire to, actually a strong dislike of having to play the wrong role.


    Intersexuality (IS)

    indicates people who are not clearly attached to either the male or the female sex by the mental and physical attributes. An intersexual person experiences identity as both - male and female or as neither male nor female.

    Intersexuality denotes an umbrella term describing genetic anomalies, mostly caused by the sex-determining x- / y chromosomes. There is no explanation for Intersexuality, nor an adequate definition for it.

    Being a hermaphrodite describes one but rare form of intersexuality. But most of the IS persons don’t feel this is an appropriate or accurate indication of their condition. One must spend their whole life with this “hindering” situation of not being able to define identity to any degree at all. These explanations are hardly adequate to describe this situation, and it is far more complex than any other type of identity crisis described to this point.

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