No fear of the seven-year itch – Participants of the meeting in Paris/ France 2006 with district apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and bishop Pierre Fetter


  • Foundation in Bendorf (Koblenz-Mayen/ Germany).



  • Development of a group structure
  • Realization of an opinion survey of members
  • Peter Schärer (Switzerland) elected as spokesperson of Rainbow-NAC



  • After two unsuccessful attempts to make contact with the Contemporary Issues Project Group, a letter to chief apostle Richard Fehr is written.
  • Peter Schärer interviewed by the internet magazine „glaubenskultur“



  • In Switzerland (Uster) the 6th international meeting of Rainbow-NAC is held
  • The invitation for a meeting with the Contemporary Issues Project Group in Zurich follows. „glaubenskultur“ reports about the meeting.
  • In the Netherlands representatives of Regenboog-NAK meet representatives from the dutch church leadership in Amersfoort
  • Chief apostle Fehr authorisizes the committee for special affairs as a contact partner for the “Group Of .Rainbow”



  • On the 17th of July the first meeting of representatives of the committee for special affairs and Rainbow-NAC takes place.
  • After extensive preparations and with donations from group members, brochures and folder can be printed.
  • In Argentine the first meeting of the South American Rainbow-NAC (Arco Iris Nuevoapostolico) is held.



  • Fundraising takes place and a cheque of over 2.500 Euro is handed over for NAK-karitativ in Dortmund dedicated to the project „HIV-Aids-Education in Africa “.The Church announces two new statements. In preparation of this Rainbow-NAC expresses their expectations to the questions: „Protection of Marriage and Family“ and „Does Homosexuality Accords To God´s Will?“
  • In Berlin the14th international meeting takes place and the 5th anniversary is celebrated



  • In the Netherlands (Haren/Groningen) the15th International meeting is been held.
  • The new statement of homosexuality by the church causes heavy discussions and consternation.
  • Interview with Peter Schärer in the church magazine for young readers „spirit“.



  • First report by the magazine „Unsere Familie/ Our Family“ about a meeting between the committee of special affairs and Rainbow-NAC. Through this article, a worldwide reporting in the New Apostolic print media has been reached.
  • During the 18th international meeting in Dortmund, the Sunday service is held by Apostle Wilhelm Hoyer. This event is covered by the official website of the NAC North-Rhine-Westfalia, Jugend-Online (official youth website of NAC-NRW) and many private church websites. For the first time parents of participants are invited to the meeting.
  • Arne Stauch displaces Peter Schärer as spokesperson of Rainbow-NAC (International)
  • Statement of Rainbow-NAC about an article in „Unsere Familie“- „Doctrine and Gnosis– the 6th commandment”. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber acknowledges his understanding of our review in this intervention and request for conceptual cooperation with the committee.
  • In France (Paris) a dialogue between District Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, bishop Pierre Fetter and the participants of the 20th international meeting is been held



  • First intercontinetal meeting in Argentine (Buenos Aires) with many positve impressions.
  • The statement by the New Apostolic Church about transsexuality has been accepted positively.
  • District apostle Michael Ehrich assures the using of church rooms in the south german district for further meetings of the group. This has never been allowed before, especially in Germany.
  • District Apostle Armin Brinkmann appeals for unreserved acceptance to all congregations members. This came about from a letter of two rainbow-members. Thereupon an interview with the spokespersons of Rainbow-NAC by the website of the Resse-West congregation (Germany) was held.



  • There is a large public interest in the article, „ Homosexual and New Apostolic- a balancing act ?“ by Arne Stauch, in the „Forum Fasanenhof“ (Stuttgart/ Germany)
  • Rainbow-NAC gets the opportunity to be part of the European Youth Day 2009 in Dusseldorf with an information stand. Fundraising takes place to facilitate the stand.
  • In „Unsere Familie“ No. 12/2008 there is a call for tolerant acquaintance towards homosexual and transsexual brethren in „Nachdenken Nachfolgen“ (Thinking Following)



  • Thousands of brethren visit the information stand at the European Youth Day from the 21st to the 24th of May. “You are not alone!” is the slogan. Chief apostle Leber signs our guest book and wears a button of our group. Among the visitors are many district apostles, youth leaders, concerned persons and interested people.
  • The 10the anniversary is celebrated at the 27th international Meeting in Saarbrucken. Informative meetings are held in the Saarbrucken district by representatives of Rainbow-NAC.



  • From 19-21 March 2010, new apostolic Christians assembled for the first meeting of Rainbow-NAC on African soil in Cape Town.



  • A new regional division of Rainbow-NAC has been formed in North America.
  • From 27-29 August rainbow-members met the 1st time in North America (Philadelphia USA)

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"The Bible and Homosexuality" Matthew Vines´ speech

Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.