Who we are

Rainbow Group in Cape Town with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider

Rainbow-NAC is a private interest group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual Christians within the New Apostolic Church. It was founded in 1999 and is open to family members,  friends and people of different faith.

The initiative is a global organization with a presence in Europe, North and South America and South Africa. Worldwide, Rainbow-NAC has hundreds of active members.

Rainbow-NAC is officially represented by a number of speakers. For each subject area – gay, lesbian, bi- and transsexual – contact representatives are available. A parental support initiative within Rainbow-NAC offers information and advice for parents since 2012.

Regularly held regional and international meetings provide a platform for mutual understanding and ensure a common exchange of ideas. In working sessions projects are planned, LGBT issues are discussed and the results of the collaboration with the church leadership are presented.

Activities and goals

Rainbow-NAC is committed to the New Apostolic Church and we support and contribute to our congregations. We are committed to ensuring that

  • LGBT brothers and sisters of the New Apostolic Church can live their faith equally as full-fledged members of the congregations without discrimination.
  • the love between two people of the same sex has the same status as the love between men and women, and is based on the same God-given values.
  • same-sex partnerships should be granted access to a Trinitarian blessing.
  • LGBT brothers and sisters as well as their family members receive competent and individual pastoral care rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His universal love.
  • LGBT brothers and sisters or those living with a transsexual past can teach and exercise ministry and teaching activities in the New Apostolic Church.

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"The Bible and Homosexuality" Matthew Vines´ speech

Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.