Uniform Guideline for "Commitment Prayers"

Rainbow-NAC welcomed the decision of the District Apostles Conference (DAC) to introduce a standardized international guideline for prayers for LGBT couples. more

Rainbow-NAC United States meets with DA Kolb

On July 25, 2015, members of Rainbow-NAC met with District Apostle Kolb and Apostle Thomas Schmidt in Erie, PA. more

Correct handling of homosexuality?

Opinions on the statements made by the Chief Apostle on the topic of Homosexuality. more

Inclusion workshops and Info table at the AYE 15 in Peru

From the 20th to the 22nd of February, 2015, Rainbow-NAC participated in the Andean Youth Encounter - 2015 (AYE 15), in Chosica, Peru. more

Dialogue over current issues with Rainbow-NAC

Rainbow-NAC discussed current issues with representatives of the Church leadership, including the alarming developments in Northern Germany. more

Partnership Blessing celebrated in Cape Town, South Africa

On January 3, 2015, Bernard and Donovan Meyer-Adams of Cape Town received a partnership blessing on their wedding day. more

Seminars “Inclusion – a Christian Virtue” in Venezuela

Two inclusion seminars were held in Venezuela over the weekend of November 14-16, 2014. Rolf Hammer, Spokesperson for Rainbow-NAC Latin America, traveled to Venezuela by invitation of the District Apostle Leonard Kolb to give seminars on inclusion in New Apostolic congregations. more

Northern Germany: Backsliding over the attitude toward Homosexuality

Troublesome developments came to light in the New Apostolic Church of Northern Germany regarding its position on homosexuality. more

Prayer for blessing for two brides in Buffalo

In September 2014, Chantelle Wilson and Emilee Norris received a prayer for blessing in Buffalo. more

First prayer for blessing in Berlin-Brandenburg

In August 2014, a male couple from Berlin exchanged vows and received a prayer for blessing from Apostle Hans-Jürgen Berndt. more

Diversity under the Umbrella - ICC 2014

At the International Church Convention in Munich from June 6 - 8, 2014, Rainbow-NAC had a presence with the motto “all inclusive”. Several thousand participants visited the booth and attended the events. more

District Apostle Kolb meets with Rainbow-NAC USA

District Apostle Leonard Kolb met with representatives of Rainbow-NAC United States on April 4, 2014, in Deerfield Beach, FL. Topics discussed were the progress in the past year and direction for the future in the U.S. and Central America. more

Rainbow-NAC Cape District Members Meet Our Chief Apostle

District Apostle Barnes invited members of Rainbow-NAC Cape District to attend the visit of Chief Apostle Schneider at the Klapmuts Congregation in Paarl, Cape Town. more

Rainbow-NAC visits Cape Town Holocaust Center

A group from Rainbow-NAC Cape District paid a visit to the Cape Town Holocaust Center in preparation for Service for the Departed. more

New contact with the Church leadership

The Project Group for Marriage, Family, and Cohabitation (EFC or PG) will be the church contact for Rainbow-NAC in the future. This will facilitate a much closer connection into the decision making process of the church. more

World AIDS Day, December 1, 2013

On World AIDS Day, members of Rainbow-NAC Cape District, together with family and friends, once again supported the Pride Shelter Trust Home with an annual fundraiser. more

Rainbow-NAC Cape District's Annual Apostle Service

280 Rainbow-NAC members, their families and friends gathered at the Claremont Congregation in Cape Town for the Divine Service which took place on Monday, October 28. more

HIV/AIDS: How prejudice are you?

On World AIDS Day, Rainbow-NAC calls for solidarity for people living with HIV. more

Rainbow-NAC Argentina participates in the 150th Anniversary Celebration

The organizing team of the Rainbow-NAC booth and presentations was very satisfied with the results of their participation in the final celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the New Apostolic Church in San Fernando, Argentina. more

2013 International Pillar Conference with Flagship Rectors

On October 19, 2013, Pillars from the United States and Canada, along with the rectors of Flagship Congregations gathered in Detroit, Michigan, for the annual conference. more

2013 Day of the Youth in Colombia: Following the footsteps of Christ

Under the slogan "I want to follow the footsteps of Christ", the Day of the Youth in Coveñas, Colombia unfolded. Rainbow-NAC was also present. more

Rainbow-NAC Cape District Presentation to the ministers and the congregation of Tafelsig

The Rainbow-NAC Cape District Committee was invited to address the ministers and some members of Tafelsig Congregation. more

Weekend Under the Rainbow in Buenos Aires

Saturday, 07/13: The South American Rainbow-NAC was invited by Bishop Fernando Altare to a “Rainbow fellowship". more

On the passing of Chief Apostle Richard Fehr

Rainbow-NAC mourns the death of retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. During his tenure, he paved the way for improvement of the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) brothers and sisters. more

Rainbow-NAC Cape District meets Apostle Stephens

Cape Town, June 26, 2013: The Rainbow-NAC Cape District was invited to a midweek Divine Service at the Kensington South Congregation to meet Apostle Stephens. more

Rainbow NAC Cape District Open Day

Rainbow NAC Cape District presented their first Open Day for 2013 at Avondale Congregation in Atlantis on the 22 June. more

Rainbow-NAC United States meets with Apostle Schmidt

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, members of Rainbow-NAC United States met with Apostle Thomas Schmidt, Priest Win Jacob, and Evangelist Michael Wurst in Buffalo, NY. more

Rainbow-NAC United States addresses ministers at Youth Ministries Conference

Richard D'Amore, a committee member of Rainbow-NAC United States, had the opportunity to address over 250 Youth Leaders from all over the country at the Youth Ministries Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on May 4, 2013. more

A guest of the Protestant Church Conference

May 7, 2013 |Rainbow-NAC in a round of talks at the Booth of the New Apostolic Church. more

Prayer Blessing in Mar del Plata

In December 2012, there was a prayer blessing for a gay couple in Argentina. more

God loves us all

On Sunday, September 23, 2012, the sun rose and shone upon a rather special congregation who had converged on San Remo on the False Bay coast of Cape Town, South Africa. more

District Apostle Kolb meets with Rainbow-NAC United States

On Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th, DA Kolb, Apostle Thomas Schmidt, and District Elder Mark Diefenbach met with representatives of Rainbow-NAC United States in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rainbow committee members came from North and South America. Discussions centered on commitments and successes that resulted from last year’s meeting and focused on setting goals for the next twelve months. Much positive progress was made to continue “stepping forward” into the 21st Century, ensuring that all are welcome and valued members in the church. more

Meeting with two District Apostles in Silvertown/Cape

The Rainbow-NAC Cape District Committee was invited to a concert to meet with District Apostles Barnes and Kolb. more

Rainbow-NAC’s Information Booth at Day of the Youth in Oberhausen

On the Day of the Youth in Oberhausen, June 15 – 17, 2012, Rainbow-NAC had an Information booth in the Arena at Oberhausen. more

Rainbow-NAC Announces Restructured International Leadership

At the international meeting in Sinzig, Germany, Rainbow-NAC announced its newly restructured leadership more

A sign against discrimination

May 17th to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia more

Meeting with the Latin American Apostles

As an addendum to the Andean Youth Encounter (AYE12), District Apostle Kolb invited Rainbow-NAC to meet with the Latin American Apostles. more

Information booth and presentations at the Andean Youth Encounter

Rainbow-NAC participated at the Andean Youth Encounter in Quito, Ecuador, with an information booth and talks. more

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"The Bible and Homosexuality" Matthew Vines´ speech

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