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Church is colorful: Rainbow-NAC at the ICC

"all inclusive" - that's not just a holiday offer. Also our Church should be a place, where everyone’s welcome, regardless of who they are, how they live, or how they love - because diversity enriches. Thousands of people visited the booth of Rainbow-NAC at the ICC 2014 in Munich. Read our detailed report below. Watch an interview with nacworld

Who we are:

We experience true fellowship. We offer and receive solidariy. We exchange opinions and experiences. We want to contribute towards a positive development concerning the acceptance of gay, lesbian, bi- and transsexuality within the Church. We want to be able to live our lives as respected members within the New Apostolic Church, regardless of our sexual orientation or identity.

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Partnership Blessing celebrated in Cape Town, South Africa

On January 3, 2015, Bernard and Donovan Meyer-Adams of Cape Town received a partnership blessing on their wedding day. more

Seminars “Inclusion – a Christian Virtue” in Venezuela

Two inclusion seminars were held in Venezuela over the weekend of November 14-16, 2014. Rolf Hammer, Spokesperson for Rainbow-NAC Latin America, traveled to Venezuela by invitation of the District Apostle Leonard Kolb to give seminars on inclusion in New Apostolic congregations. more

Northern Germany: Backsliding over the attitude toward Homosexuality

Troublesome developments came to light in the New Apostolic Church of Northern Germany regarding its position on homosexuality. more

Interview Rainbow-NAC from nacworld on Vimeo.

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October, 3-5, 2014: Berlin (Germany)

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"The Bible and Homosexuality" Matthew Vines´ speech